Below are a few comments people have made about our club, but first you may be interested to read what Oxford University researchers have to say about the game of tennis :-

“Tennis can prolong life”, according to a report by Oxford University researchers and teams in Finland and Australia.
The researchers, who followed 80,000 volunteers for nine years on average, found that tennis reduced health risks by 47 per cent because it offered a full body workout, cut injury hazards, protected cartilage, controlled weight and provided stabilising social contact.
Orthopaedic surgeon Simon Moyes says:  
“One of the big advantages of tennis is that you can continue playing well into your seventies.”
– Independent Pharmacist magazine.


“I just wanted to say a massive thank you for such a warm welcome to Cary Park. For years I have desperately wanted to get involved with more tennis but it has been difficult to get things going at other clubs. Cary Park has opened up a whole world of new opportunity for me and I cannot thank you and everyone else enough. Your constant hard work and enthusiasm around the clock to get anyone and everyone playing as much tennis as possible regardless of age and ability is a really great thing for everyone. Everyone at the club is so friendly and welcoming, it’s really nice to finally play for a club that I love playing for!”

(Aaron Mitchell)

“I take this opportunity to thank you and other members for your brilliantly warm welcome and enabling me to be part of such a lovely community of people. I should have joined years ago… but wasn’t actually aware of CPTC’s existence until last month, when I read Kevin Foster’s newsletter.”

(Bernard Lien Lambert) 

“The dedication and care that go in to running the club by the volunteers is outstanding, they maintain and provide a safe and clean environment for all of our community to enjoy a fantastic sport. This project (disabled access ramp) will be of a benefit to all ages groups, club members and local residents.”

(Tina Hawker, parent)

‘I appreciate so much that you allowed me to enjoy your facilities and take part in a tennis morning at your club.  I especially loved getting to know some of you members who gave me an unforgettable welcome.  Congratulations to everyone for having such a great club.  A heartfelt thank you.’

 (Montse Galiano, Lleida, Spain)

‘‘We are delighted to be able to support this fantastic club. It is groups like this working on the frontline that are so essential to our communities’

(Laura Hales, Devon Community Foundation)

Fabulous afternoon at Cary Park Tennis Club’s “Grandparents Day”!  Such generosity, not just with the freebies, but the time and patience spent coaching the children.  Delicious lemon drizzle cake and brownies too!  Thank you very much.

(Clare Edwards, Facebook.)

‘Thanks very much for inviting us to your Grandparents Day. Jamie had an amazing day’.

(Kelly Chaplin, Facebook.)

‘I am delighted to support the tennis club, their officers and committee in their promotion of the sport to young people in Babbacombe,  St Marychurch and beyond. The involvement of the schools, parents and family members has enabled the club to sustain it’s activities, grow and flourish. My congratulations to them”“

(Gordon Oliver, Elected Mayor of Torbay)

‘I was delighted to join the Mayor and the members of Cary Park Tennis Club for the unveiling of the new notice board. The club is doing great work to inspire all ages to take up tennis with the benefit not just being regular exercise, but fun and new friendships as well. The new noticeboard symbolises the club’’s goal to reach out beyond its membership to bring tennis into the community.’

(Kevin Foster, MP)”

‘Everyone is friendly.  Large choice of times to play. A fab club which I’m very happy to have joined’

(Gina Dockree)

‘A very welcoming and inclusive club with excellent communications encouraging members to play. Lots of new coaching opportunities for both juniors and adults’
(Kevin Mowbray)

A very friendly club – not too big. Good coaching for the kids and a great Saturday morning junior session.

(Sally Ann Reay)

‘I find the club extremely friendly and welcoming. I also really like the way the juniors are treated. The gifts and hot chocolates for example at Christmas and also the fact they are allowed to play with seniors.’ 
(Claire Palmer)

‘A wonderful tennis club.  Affordable, welcoming with good facilities’

(Dominic Bryant, Facebook.)

‘…such a warm welcome.  I was a bit overwhelmed (in a good way)’

(Samantha Knapman, Facebook.)

‘A really friendly club.  Not just for regulars, but for holidaymakers too’

(Wendy Burrels, Brightlingsea, Essex.)

‘Great community spirit and very welcoming to new members’

(Mike Laukannen, Herald Express.)

‘I was so impressed with the club I decided to join my two daughters there and then’

(Kelly Ann Thorn, Facebook.)

‘Fantastic value lessons, great instructors, a really friendly club’

(Layla Harper, Facebook.)

‘Great vibe at the club on Saturday morning, heralding the arrival of new head coach Rob and the amazing squad of juniors training with him. My son has been training with Rob for a few years now and I couldn’t recommend him highly enough. His gentle encouragement coaching style is a joy to behold.’

(Samantha Knapman, Facebook)

‘…….Just wanted to say, I really enjoyed the Improvers session – very useful!’

(Claire Palmer, email to secretary)