Code of Conduct and Guidelines for Tennis Club Members and Guests

FOOTWEAR – Only tennis shoes or non-marking trainers are allowed on court.

GUESTS – Guests are welcome to play with members. They must sign in the Visitors Book before play commences. The guest fee is £3 per visit (£1 for juniors). It is up to the member who has invited the guest to ensure that this is paid to the club. One parent/guardian may play for free with junior member (Additional parents/guardians pay a guest fee of £3 each).

MEMBERSHIP CARDS – All members are given a named membership card/number which should be shown to the attendant when the clubhouse is open as it helps with the allocation of courts during busy times.

JUNIORS – children under 11 must be supervised by an adult (except with special permission). Juniors may play on courts providing a parent or guardian agrees to go through the tennis club code of conduct with them and accept responsibility for them and their actions. The club insurance will only be valid if this procedure is followed.

ADVERSE WEATHER – In adverse conditions the individual will assess whether the courts are safe to play on and take full responsibility for their decision.

CLUB RULES – The club is a member of Devon LTA which has adopted an Equity & Diversity Policy, a Code of Conduct for Coaches, Staff and Volunteers and a Child Protection Policy.  All club officers, coaches and appointed volunteers will hold relevant qualifications and be covered by appropriate insurance.

Members and visitors are required to :-

Treat all members and personnel with respect. (See ‘Equity & Diversity Policy document in the clubhouse)

Promote the positive aspects of tennis e.g. fair play.

Encourage all participants to learn the rules and play within them, respecting decisions of match officials.

Actively discourage unfair play, rule violations and arguing with match officials, coaches and responsible adults.

Recognise good performance, not just match results.

Place the well-being and safety of young people above the development of performance.

Respect young people’s opinions when making decisions about their participation in tennis.

Report any suspicion of child abuse to the Welfare Officer (Sam Garner).

Maintain a high standard of language use at all times.

Wear appropriate clothing on court at all times.  Shirts must be worn.

When a game is in progress, wait for a pause in play before crossing behind a court.

Respect other players when returning loose balls.

Put all rubbish in the bin provided.


cross_clip_art_9118 No bikes, prams, scooters, skateboards, footballs etc are allowed on court.

cross_clip_art_9118 No smoking on or near the courts.

cross_clip_art_9118 No chewing gum, hot drinks or breakable cups/containers are allowed on the courts.

cross_clip_art_9118 No Food to be consumed in the court area

Continual failure to adhere to the Code of Conduct could result in the club cancelling the individual’s membership.


(Known as Cary Park Tennis Club)

1               The Club shall be called Cary Park Junior Tennis Club

2               The objectives of the Club are:

To provide facilities for and promote participation of the whole community in the sport

of tennis;

  1. To promote, improve, develop and support the interests of tennis ‘primarily by providing facilities, coaching and activities to attract and encourage children and young people to participate in the sport’
  2. To provide coaching and assistance for those members who request it.
  3. To affiliate to the Devon County Lawn Tennis Association (DCLTA) (and by doing so affiliate to the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) and to comply with and uphold the Rules and Regulations of the DCLTA and the LTA.
  4. To make rules and regulation concerning the opening of the Club including without limitation regulations concerning disciplinary procedures that may be taken against the Members.
  5. To discipline the Members where permitted by its Rules/Regulations and to refer its Members to be disciplined by the LTA or the DCLTA (as appropriate) where so required by the Rules and Regulation of the LTA or the DCLTA (as the case may be).
  6. To do all such other things as the Management Committee thinks fit to further the interests of the Club or to be incidental or conductive to the attainment of all or any of the objects stated in this Rule 2.

3                Application of Profit 

The Club is a non profit-making organisation. All profits and surpluses will be used to

Maintain or improve the club’s facilities (in conjunction with Torbay Council) and in

furtherance of the Club’s objects. No portion thereof shall be paid or transferred,

directly or indirectly, to the members of the Club.

4                Membership

4.1        Membership of the Club is open to all persons regardless of sex, age, disability, ethnicity,

Nationality, sexual orientation, religion or other beliefs.

4.2        The Management Committee may refuse membership or expel from membership only

for the good and sufficient cause, such as conduct or character likely to bring the Club or

sport into disrepute. Appeal against such a decision may be made to the Club’s members.

4.3        The subscription for each Member shall be determined from time to time by the

Management Committee.

4.4        The Members shall pay the subscription fees set by the Management Committee.

4.5        Members shall be entitled to the privileges of membership on payment of their

subscription.  Membership is conditional on adherence to the rules and Code of Conduct of the Club.

4.6        Any Member whose subscription is not paid by such date as the Management

Committee shall decide shall be deemed to have resigned his/her membership of the Club.

4.7        If through injury or any other reason a Member is unable to play for the remainder of the period for which he/she has paid his/her subscription the Member will not be entitled to any refund, however, the Management Committee reserves the right to make a refund if it considers it appropriate.

5                Expulsion

5.1       The Management Committee shall have power to expel a Member when, in their

opinion, it would not be in the interest of the Club for him/her to remain a Member.

6             Management Committee

6.1       The Club shall be managed by a Management Committee consisting of:

The Chairman

The Vice Chairman

The Secretary

The Treasurer

No less than 3 other persons – one of which must always be left open for a Junior


Shall include persons from the Adult Section.

6.1a        The officers and members of the Management Committee shall be elected at the

Annual general meeting and shall remain in office until the next annual general

meeting when each officer and member shall retire and may offer themselves for


6.2          Management Committee meetings shall be held as often as the Management

Committee thinks fit. A Quorum at these meetings shall be 5 members entitled to vote.

6.3          The Chairman shall be the chairman of the Management Committee and shall preside at

every meeting of the Management Committee. In his/her absence, the Vice Chairman

shall preside, or, in his/her absence, another member of the Management Committee

shall be appointed to chair the meeting.

6.4          Decisions of the Management Committee shall be made by a simple majority and in the

event of equality of votes to the Chairman or the acting chairman of that meeting shall

have a casting or additional vote.

6.5          The Management Committee may from time to time appoint sub-committees as it

considers necessary and may delegate to them such of the powers and duties of the

Management Committee as the Management Committee may determine. All sub-

Committees shall periodically report their proceeding to the Management Committee

and shall conduct their business in accordance with the directions of the Management


6.6          The Management Committee shall be responsible for the management of the Club and

shall have the sole right of appointing and determining the terms and conditions of

service of employees of the Club. The Management Committee shall have power to

enter into contracts for the purposes of the Club on behalf of all the Members.

6.7          The Management Committee shall have the power to enter into the terms and

conditions of loan arrangements on behalf of the club members to borrow money for

improvements to the playing facilities or the club house.

6.8          The members of the Management Committee shall be entitled to an indemnity out of

the assets of the Club for all expenses and other liabilities properly incurred by them in

the management of the affairs of the Club.

  1. Annual General Meeting

       7.1          The annual general meeting of the Club shall be held at such time as the Management

Committee shall decide each year to transact the following business:

  1. To receive the Chairman’s report of the activities of the Club during the previous year;
  2. To receive and consider the accounts of the Club for the previous year, and the Treasurer’s report as to the financial position of the Club;
  3. To elect or re-elect the officers and members of the Management Committee.
  4. To decide on any resolution which may be duly submitted in accordance with Rule 7.2 below;
  5. To deal with any special matters which the Management Committee desires to bring before the membership.

7.2           Notice of any resolution proposed to be moved at the annual general meeting shall be

given in writing to the Secretary not less than 21 days before the meeting.

7.3          The Secretary shall send to each Member written notice of the date of the general

meeting together with the resolutions to be proposed at least 14 days before the


7.4         The Chairman shall preside at the meeting. In his/her absence, the Vice Chairman shall

preside, or, his/her absence, another member of the Management Committee shall be

appointed to chair the meeting.

8            Guests

8.1         Any Member may introduce guests to the Club, provided that the guest is not some-

one who has been expelled from the Club. Rules and limitation apply and are set out

in the Club’s ‘Rules and Code of Conduct’.

8.2         All guests must fill in their name/address in the guest book before going on to the


9            Opening of Club Premises

9.1         The Club is open in the winter months on Saturdays between 9 am and 1 pm and at such

other times as shall be agreed between the Management Committee and Torbay


10          Finance

10.1       All monies payable to the Club shall be received by the persons authorised by the

Management Committee to receive such monies and shall be deposited in a bank

account in the name of the Club. No sum shall be drawn from that account except by a

cheque signed by two of the three signatories who shall be the Chairman, Secretary and


10.2    Subject to Rule 11.2, the income of the Club shall be applied only in furtherance of the

objects of the Club and no part thereof shall be paid by way on bonus, dividend or profit

to any Member.

10.3    The Management Committee shall have power to authorise the payment of remunera-

tion and expenses to any member of the of the Management Committee, Member or

employee of the Club and to any other person or persons for services to the Club.

10.4    The Management Committee shall agree with Torbay Council the amount to be paid for

court fees.

10.5    The financial transactions of the Club shall be recorded in such manner as the Manage-

ment Committee thinks fit by the Treasurer.

10.6    Full accounts of the financial affairs of the Club shall be prepared each year.      

         11       Dissolution

11.1    Members of the Management Committee shall be responsible for the winding-up of the

Assets and liabilities of the Club.

11.2    In the event of dissolution of the Club, any assets remaining after the satisfaction of all

Debts and liabilities shall not be paid to or distributed among the members of the Club,

but shall be given or transferred to one or more of the following approved sporting or

charitable bodies:

  1. A registered charitable organisation(s)
  2. Another Club which is registered CASC
  3. The sport’s national governing body for the use by them for related community sports.

    12      Trustees

  1. i) The property of the Club shall be vested in three/four Trustees who shall be

appointed by the Management Committee and the property of the Club shall bevested in them to be dealt with by them, as the Management Committee may from time to time direct, by resolution (of which an entry in the Minute Book shall be conclusive evidence). The Trustees shall be indemnified against risk and expense out of the Club property. The Trustees shall hold office until death or resignation or removal from office by the Management Committee. Where, by reasons of such death, resignation or removal, it is necessary that a new Trustee or Trustees be appointed the Management Committee shall nominate the person or persons to be appointed the new Trustee or Trustees. For the purpose of giving effect of such nomination, the Secretary of the Club is now nominated as the person to appoint new Trustees of the Club within the meaning of the Trustee Act 1925. Section 36, and he or she shall by deed appoint the person or persons so nominated by the Management Committee.

     13       Fit and Proper Persons Test

  1. In accordance with the Finance Act 2010 the Club have introduced a Fit and Proper Persons Test for the Trustees and Management of the Club. This will comprise the Chairman, the Secretary and the Treasurer together with any other Committee Member who is nominated as a Trustee. These members will be required to sign a declaration which may be submitted to the HMRC upon request in order to keep our Community Amateur Sports Club status.