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Here at Cary Park Tennis Club we’re very proud of our exclusive ‘Tennis Ball’ logo.
It’s one of the many things that set us aside from the crowd.
It was designed for us many years ago and hand-crafted by Design-A-Stitch in Magdalene Road, Torquay.
If you click on the link below you will see their vast range of tee-shirts, sweat shirts, hoodies, hats, joggers, shorts and other sports wear in a huge array of colours.

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Add to that our hand-embroidered logo in different colours to match or contrast, and you will have a look that is both distinctive to the club, and unique to you.
But your Cary Park ‘badge’ is not just for playing tennis. Every time you wear your tee-shirt or fleece down town, you take our great name out into the community.
And that’s a super way of attracting new members and saying thanks to the people and organisations who help us.
Click HERE for their website or telephone 01803 296699 for details.

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