28/02/2017 Palace Hotel Tennis courts, Torquay, Tennis coach Bob Farquhar (Front) who is retiring after 51 years. - Photo mandatory by-line: Andy Styles - Tel: 01626 872731 - Mobile: 07834214253 TQAS20170228B-002_C

Bob Farquhar – Torquay legend

It was with enormous sadness that we heard that Bob Farquhar suffered a heart attack and tragically died.

Although he had only been a member of Cary Park since his retirement from the Palace Hotel last year, he was well known and well loved by literally thousands of people he coached over a career spanning more than 40 years. We were very lucky to have him, even for such a short period of time.

He coached so many of Torbay’s children over the career to which he devoted his whole life, and it is inevitable that was what made him choose a Junior –orientated tennis club to join on retirement.

During his time with us, he helped with small chores around the grounds, attended our events, was hugely generous with his time and money, and was the first to pay his subs for a year to which I know he was looking forward with great anticipation. Quite simply, he was a one-off.

Not all our members will know that as a Junior, Bob was British number one, and in his years has coached and hit with some of the great names in tennis.

Those of us lucky enough to have played with him know that his skill with a racquet and ball was sublime, and he could literally place a tennis ball on a sixpence from the other side of the court. We all learned a great deal just by playing with him.

He was, quite simply, a Lovely Man and Lovely Player. Bob, you will be sadly missed.



‘Bob first coached me when I was about 13 and he was not much older than18 himself. He was a great player who made it look so easy.’ – Rob Short, Head Coach, Cary Park Tennis Club.

‘Such a lovely man and the inspiration behind my starting tennis and joining Cary Park. We were so sad to hear the news.’ – Nigel Edwards.

‘I really can’t believe it. He was such a lovely guy and a BRILLIANT coach. I will greatly miss him. My heart goes out to Linda and his boys.’ – Ruth Parffrey.

‘How very, very sad. He will be greatly missed by many’. – Gina Dockree.

‘It was such sad news, and such a shock. Especially as he had done so well following his surgery.’ – Sam Garner.

‘Bob was one of a kind. A man who inspired , enthused and made me the tennis player I am today. Kind, generous and all done with a smile. RIP Bob. X’ – Karoline Stanton.

‘So sad to hear about Bob. He was my tennis coach when I was 12 years old and have remembered everything he taught me. I remember those trips to the Palace Hotel for coaching and swapping my BMX bike for my first proper tennis racquet. Maybe name a trophy after him’ – Nicki Scaife.

‘What an absolute shame. I’m shocked. He seemed to be doing so well after his bypass surgery. I am so sad for his family who hardly had any time to enjoy his retirement with him, after working so hard all his life.’ – Suzy Eeckelaers.

‘It was lovely to meet up with Bob again at Cary Park after so many years. He coached me and my brother and I know that, like me, my brother will be very sad at the news.’ – Claire Palmer.

‘Bob had the true humility that only genuine talent produces. He never once boasted about his achievements, and never once tried to make us lesser mortals feel small. What I wouldn’t give for a tenth of his talent and ability.’ – Paul Levie.

‘We have known Bob for many years. In our opinion the best coach in Torquay. We send our condolences to Linda his wife and family he will be sadly missed.’ – Joan & Peter Lightowlers

‘Such dreadful news which I am so sorry to hear. Our thoughts are with his poor wife and family. Perhaps the Club could rename one of the tournaments after him and donate a trophy in memory. R I P Bob -legend.’ – Pete Lewis

‘I only got to know Bob in the last few years from when I used to play in a fixed four that played at the Palace Hotel once a week with Bob but he was a lovely man always friendly and chatty, and of course, he was a very canny player. You could see that he must have been an excellent player in his day he still had that great touch that most of us can only dream of having. He will be sorely missed.’ – Kevin Mowbray


16th December 2017



Cary Park’s season finale – a Christmas clash between the seniors and the juniors – ended with 6-3 win for the adults.
But club vice-chairman Sam Garner said afterwards: ‘It was much closer than the final scoreline suggested.
‘Every match was hard-fought and of the highest standard. The adults knew they had been in a very tough fight but every one of them said how much they had enjoyed it.
‘It is a great testament to Rob and his coaching team that the junior players have come on so well this season.’
The format of the tournament was six singles matches and three doubles with a three-man three-woman team from each side.
The adults won the singles by four matches to two, and the doubles by two matches to one.
Rob said afterwards: ‘Everyone enjoyed it so much that I’m sure we’ll be doing it again as the weather gets better’.

16th December 2017


Father Christmas dropped into the fun and games at Cary Park Tennis Club on Saturday – and surprised everyone by joining in the tennis.

Santa reckons it’s too cold for tennis at the North Pole, so he was glad to get a bit of practice with the club’s five to ten year olds during their coaching session in sunny Torquay.

‘I started off borrowing a five year old’s racquet but it was too small for me,’ said the famous fatty.

‘So as if by magic I went back to my sleigh and found a giant-sized one and there was no stopping me then’.


As well as joining in the fun, the rotund racketeer handed out gifts of chocolate money to all the youngsters, who finished off their session with hot chocolate and marshmallows, biscuits and sweets.

Junior co-ordinator Pat Ward said: ‘The looks on the children’s faces when Santa turned up with his giant racquet was priceless.

‘We reckon a tennis-playing Santa is a first – but I don’t think that Andy Murray needs to worry yet!’

Santa would like to thank Torre Sports, Pro-Direct and Wilson for the loan of the very valuable promotional racquet.



Rob’s performance squad also had their own ‘end of term’ party as they packed up for the Christmas break.


A merry Christmas and a happy new year to all our members young and old, and may 2018 bring the Club continued success both on and off the courts.

25th November 2017

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 14.57.55  Thank you Co-Op!



Cary Park tennis club received a cheque for £5,661 from the Co-Op today….not once, but three times.

Three of our local Co-Op stores – St Marychurch, Chelston and Wellswood asked us to go along and join them in their Big Celebration Day, to mark £20million given out to good causes all over Britain.

And each store wanted to have their photo taken handing over the cash.

So first we went to St Marychurch, where adults, juniors and parents turned up – to be joined by Meg, the club’s mascot.


Meg, owned by committee member Karoline Stanton, was kitted out in a special tee-shirt, complete with the now famous Cary Park logo.

Then we went to Chelston where we were represented by the remarkable Castillo-Palmer family who have provided talented tennis players for three generations!


Finally we went to the newly opened Co-Op store in Wellswood where, among others, we were proud to be represented by our Chairman Nick Sealey and our Treasurer Di Sealey.


Cary Park was one of three recipients of cheques but we were very proud to be represented by more than 30 members in total who had taken the trouble to go along and support us.

Nick said: ‘When we applied to the Co-Op it was for £1,500 to get a new ball machine for the juniors.

‘That we ended up with £5,661 plus a further surprise £500 from the Co-Op’s building contractors, means that we can carry out a variety of projects as well – including restoring and repainting Court Six.

‘Needless to say, we owe a huge debt of gratitude to the Co-Op and all their members whose ‘penny in the pound’ donation has helped good causes all over the country’.

19th November 2017


Congratulations to Georgia Doyle who has passed her Level 1 coaching qualifications.


Georgia, 19, is already an important part of head coach Rob Short’s team – coaching at Cary Park and also going into local schools as part of the club’s outreach programme.

Now she plans to take her Level 2 exam in January which will allow her to hold squad coaching sessions on her own.

‘I love it at Cary Park, and Rob has been very helpful to me throughout the training process’, said Georgia who first picked up a racquet at the age of four.

Her mum Karen is Cary Park’s Associate Coach in charge of Tots’ Tennis and Ladies Squad Coaching.

But Georgia’s sporting pedigree doesn’t end there. Her Dad Ian is an ex-professional footballer who used to play for Bristol City in the First Division.

And her grandparents Hedley and Sue Clark were stalwarts of Cary Park Tennis Club for many years.

Also following in Georgia’s footsteps will be her younger sister Suzi who has already started to train as an assistant coach.

Rob Short said: ‘It’s great to have Georgia on board. The juniors really respond to her and she’s a good addition to the team’.

11th November 2017

Cary Park Junior Squad take the honours against EF Academy  in an ‘international’ tournament!

CARY PARK V EF 23  Click HERE to see action shots 

7th November 2017



Cary Park said goodbye to an old but troublesome friend today with the felling of the giant lime tree that has blighted court six for years.

Sap from the overhanging tree has eaten away at the court surface, and fallen leaves and branches has kept the Billy Goat chomping away continually during the autumn.

But now the networking and negotiating of our chairman Nick Sealey with countless elected politicians and council officers has paid off.


The tree fellers (actually there were only two, hee hee!) arrived today – albeit unannounced – and got to work. Within hours it was down.

‘Their arrival took us completely by surprise’, said Nick. ‘But now it’s down the club can set about restoring court six to the same standard as the other five.

‘I know that we’re all very fond of trees, but this one had simply grown too big and was causing a problem.

‘The good news is that the council will be planting smaller trees in its place – hopefully ones that will be managed and won’t cause the same sort of problems 20 years down the line’.

6th November 2017



One of Cary Park’s most popular members is launching a new community workshop in Chelston aimed at helping people develop their woodworking and other practical skills and make friends at the same time.
The Shed, opposite the Chelston Manor Hotel in Old Mill Road, was inspired by the worldwide ‘Men’s Sheds’ movement.
But one of the volunteers, our own Andrew Davey, said: ‘Ours will be open to women as well – that’s why we decided just to call it The Shed.
Andrew said: ‘We plan to be financially self-supporting and our volunteers hope to assist with community projects.
‘But primarily we want to offer support to men and women who want to develop their practical skills in a safe environment.
‘It will offer ‘shedless’ people a place to work, expert help, and a ready supply of tools.
The space will allow up to eight people to work on joint or individual projects and the ‘Shed’ will initially be open for three mornings each week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) between 9.30 and 12.30.
Another of the volunteers said: ‘The organisers hope that the project will be welcomed by many different elements of the community including those who are not currently in employment, those who have recently retired, those who have become socially isolated and would like an opportunity to regularly meet up with a practical purpose.’


11th October 2017


Here at Cary Park we’re very proud of our green credentials. So much so that we recycle our old tennis balls not once….but twice!

Now we’re thrilled to have received our biggest single donation – no less than TWO HUNDRED AND SEVEN balls in one go from popular member Peter Kennett.


First the donated balls are used in our ball machine – free to both junior and adult members. Or put in tubs for serving practice.  Then, when they’ve had even more use, we sell them as doggy balls to local dog walkers.

Retired police superintendent Peter said: ‘At other clubs I’ve always had to cart a huge sack of tennis balls around to practice serving, but here at Cary Park we don’t have to – there are always tubs of practice balls available. So I’m more than happy to hand over my stash!’

Local dog owner Kitty Westaway said: ‘All the dog walkers in Babbacombe and St Marychurch are very grateful to Cary Park for a never-ending supply of doggy balls and a very cheap price.

‘In pet shops they’re £2 for three balls. Here they’re much cheaper and much bouncier’.

Cary Park is just about to undertake another green initiative with the help of Torbay Council’s Green Points scheme. Sign up and nominate us on www.torbay.localgreenpoints.com  and you could help us change our floodlight bulbs to energy-saving LEDs.

10th October 2017



You’re never too young to volunteer at Cary Park Tennis Club. Little Sophie Barlow can tell you that.

When she saw Duke of Edinburgh Award volunteer Jack Britton clearing leaves from the courts, she asked if she could help him.


And although she was too young to use the Billy Goat vacuum machine, she grabbed a broom to start sweeping by hand.

Jack said: ‘The machine is too big to get under the metal benches on the courts. So Sophie swept the leaves out from under them for me to vacuum up’.

Not that six year old Sophie is the only member of the Barlow family to help the club out when needed.

Sister Emily, 15, helps coach the youngsters and her builder dad Winston single-handedly built our new viewing area.

Junior co-ordinator Pat Ward said: ‘It’s so typical of the youngest member of the Barlow family to want to help out. They’re all a credit to the club.’

Chairman Nick Sealey said: ‘This club couldn’t operate without volunteers and it’s great that little Sophie’s showing everyone how it’s done’.

8th October 2017

Our League players show off their silverware!


The three trophies won by our league sides this summer went on show at the club today.  Mixed B team captain Sam Garner and Men’s captain Kevin Mowbray showed off the silverware during social tennis, along with some of those who played in the league sides.  Club, and Mixed A team captain, Chris Clarke said ‘Coming out top of all three leagues that we entered has been a great achievement this year – congratulations to all our players.’

23rd September 2017



Chris Clarke and Aleya Al Holo won the last final of the season after yet another exciting championship tie-break.  Their 6-2 4-6 10-4 win over Kevin Mowbray and Suzy Eeckelaers made sure that the third of our three Final Days lived up to expectations and matched the others for quality.


Afterwards club captain Chris said: ‘Kevin and Suzy fought back well in the second set but we stuck to our game plan and it proved a winner.

‘The whole club tournament has been a great success this year and I’m very happy that the last match didn’t disappoint’.

He added: ‘I’m also very proud of Aleya. The overall quality of her play and her ability to hold up in the tough points bodes well for the future of the club.

‘It comes after a season when she played a big part in the league campaign, playing more matches than anyone else in the Mixed B team’.

Her mum, club vice-chairman Sam Garner said:
‘It’s always nerve-wracking watching your child play competitively, but I’m so proud of her performance.  ‘In a match where all four players were producing some excellent tennis, Aleya demonstrated today that she was worthy of competing in the finals’

17th September 2017

Paul Lomas and Nicki Scaife became Cary Park’s singles champions in two blistering matches watched by a large crowd of supporters.

Paul turned back the years once again to beat Mike Laukkanen 2-6 7-5 10-7 in a championship tie break after beating a string of younger opponents to get to the final.  At the age of 68 he turned in a typically tenacious display, fighting for every point and wearing down his opponent.  Watched by his son Chris, his daughter Courtney and his two year old granddaughter Indie Rose, Paul took his first Cary Park winner’s trophy after a runner’s up medal two years ago.

PAUL LOMAS 2  IMG_2269 2

He said: ‘Mike went off like a train and took the first set 6-2. But I just dug deep and kept knocking at the door. And at the end it paid off and I managed to take the tie break.  ‘I’m very proud to have won, but pay tribute to Mike who is every inch a great player.

Nicki beat last year’s winner Rosanna Castillo-Palmer 4-6 6-4 10-5 in another hard-fought battle that had the crowd cheering.

IMG_2266 2  IMG_2263 2

Afterwards she said: ‘I’m very proud and delighted to have beaten Rosanna. I can honestly say that I’ve never seen her play better.
‘Singles isn’t really my game, so it made it especially satisfying to lift the trophy.’

She said it went some way to make up for the disappointment of defeat in the ladies doubles final last week.  ‘It was certainly nice to come away with a winner’s and a runners-up trophy in a week to go with the ladies doubles title I won two years ago with Carole King’.

Nicki had her whole family cheering her on including husband, mum, dad, son and daughter.‘That made it extra special,’ she said.

20170917_130355 20170917_125549

Chairman Nick Sealey paid tribute to all the competitors in this year’s tournament and especially to the winners.

He said: ‘It’s been a great tournament played in great Cary Park spirit.

‘A lot of hard work has gone into the organising of not one, but two Finals days, and we have another one – the Mixed Doubles – to look forward to.’

The trophies were presented by head coach Rob Short.

10th September 2017


TORBAY NEWS AGENCY 01803 214555 Jack Britton at Cary Park's putting green, trimming the holes with a special pair of curved scissors, as part of his Duke of Edinburgh's Award. Photo by Paul Levie

Teenager Jack Britton is cutting quite a dash for his Duke of Edinburgh’s Award……by trimming Cary Park’s putting green with a pair of scissors!

The 14 year old Torquay Academy pupil volunteered to learn all aspects of sports club administration as part of his Award.

‘But I never thought I’d be asked to cut the grass with a pair of scissors’, he laughed.  The club’s volunteer groundsman Paul Levie said: ‘It may sound crazy, but we have a special pair of curved scissors for trimming round the holes.  ‘They’re used on just about every golf course in the world to get the best job possible – and Cary Park is no exception’.

Jack, who is a junior member of the club, is taking on lots of tasks during his time volunteering – from general admin to measuring and adjusting the height of the nets.

‘It’s a fascinating place to work,’ he said. ‘There’s so much more to do than you would imagine’.

Paul is hoping to arrange for Jack to learn re-stringing and re-gripping racquets with the club’s specialist, and to deal with the public who hire the courts and putting green.  He said: ‘Jack’s a good worker, and is eager to learn. He’s a credit to his school – and I’m sure the Duke himself would be proud of him.’

10th September 2017


Cary Park Tennis Club held the first of its two Finals Days on Sunday when the Men’s Doubles and Ladies Doubles titles were decided.

Mike Laukannen and Dominic Bryant overturned a 6-7 first set setback against Chris Clarke and Joe While to take the second set 6-1 and the championship tie-break 10-3.  In doing so they retained their 2016 title and put the icing on a great year when they both played a large part in Cary Park’s triple league success.



In the Ladies Doubles, Gina Dockree and Claire Palmer ran out 6-1 6-2 winners against last year’s winner Suzy Eeckelaers and her partner Nicki Scaife, to ensure new names on the trophy.



The trophies were presented by former British number one senior and world number 12-ranked senior Gary Payton, who is the club’s performance coach.

He congratulated both sets of winners and said: ‘There was some very high standard tennis played out there in difficult windy conditions.

‘The matches were played in a great spirit and everyone watching thoroughly enjoyed them.’

Club chairman Nick Sealey paid tribute to all the finalists and all the club members who turned out to support them.

‘I’d also like to thank all those members – both male and female – who polished up their baking skills to turn the whole day into a Cake Fest. It was like something out of the Great British Bake Off’.


The second part of the Finals Days – brought about because four players ended up in two finals each – will be held next Sunday at 11am when a similar turn out is expected.

Tournament committee members Paula Hill and Samantha Garner said: ‘We hope the weather is a bit kinder for the mixed doubles and the men’s and ladies singles finals.

‘At least the rain held off today and we were able to get through the finals without interruption’.

5th August 2017


Four very special guests returned to Cary Park to officially open the tennis club’s latest development – the Aviva Viewing Area.

The four founder members of Cary Park Junior Tennis Club in 2001, chairman Dave Harding, treasurer Sheila Thomas, secretary Molly Pope and coach Anna Beadel, unveiled a plaque to mark the opening of the seating area funded by the Aviva insurance group with a grant of £1,000.

TORBAY NEWS AGENCY 01803 214555 The unveiling of the Aviva Viewing Area plaque by founder members Sheila Thomas, Molly Pope, Dave Harding and Anna Beadel. Photo by Paul Levie

TORBAY NEWS AGENCY 01803 214555 The plaque unveiled by Cary Park Tennis Club's four founder members. Photo by Paul Levie

Current chairman Nick Sealey told the gathering of members and friends: ‘When we first applied for the grant, we knew it would cost many thousands more than that to build and equip the area for up to 24 spectators. But lo and behold along came the parent of one of our junior members who said he would do all the construction work – for nothing!
‘It was a staggeringly generous offer which saved the club a lot of money, and I’m pleased to say that the parent, Winston Barlow, has gone on to be an integral member of the club – and no mean player!’

TORBAY NEWS AGENCY 01803 214555 The opening of the Aviva Viewing Area by founder members Molly Pope, Sheila Thomas, Anna Beadel and Dave Harding, along with members and guests. Photo by Paul Levie

Dave Harding said: ‘I remember when I first came to Cary Park with Marine Tennis Club which had been in existence in Paignton for 50 years.  Our own council courts were in a state of disrepair and coming to Cary Park gave us a chance to start something really special.’

Sheila Thomas said: ‘It was very hard going in those early days but very exciting. But we all worked together to give Cary Park Junior Tennis Club and Marine Tennis Club the home they deserved.  The Club today is everything we could have wished it to become and it is thanks to Aviva and other companies who have helped us along the way, that the Club is thriving today’.

Anna Beadel said: ‘I actually came back for a short while last year to help out during a period of change. So I had a good idea about the amount of hard work that’s gone on keeping up the Cary Park tradition of providing low-cost, high-quality tennis for children and young people’.

Molly Pope said: ‘Coming back here today has been wonderful for all of us. It brought back so many memories and it was great to see old friends and new in this lovely setting.It’s satisfying that the club is in such good hands today and that you are all working very hard to build on our dream’.

TORBAY NEWS AGENCY 01803 214555 A special cake for the 'Founders Day' celebrations at Cary Park attended by the four founder memberss Anna Beadel, Dave Harding, Molly Pope and Sheila Thomas. Photo by Paul Levie

A special cake for the ‘Founders Day’ celebrations at Cary Park attended by the four founder members Anna Beadel, Dave Harding, Molly Pope and Sheila Thomas.

3rd August 2017


TORBAY NEWS AGENCY 01803 214555 Julie Louden from Glasgow who broke the course record for the 18-hole putting green at Cary Park Tennis Club when she carded a 38, with two threes and 16 twos. Photo by Paul Levie
Scottish holidaymaker Julie Louden broke the course record at the difficult 18-hole putting course at Cary Park Tennis Courts when she carded an impressive 38.

Her card included just two threes and 16 twos!

Julie, from Glasgow, played on the course every day of their two-week holiday in Torquay.

She played with the other five ultra-competitive members of her family who scrutinised every shot with the attention to detail of a St Andrews golf referee.

TORBAY NEWS AGENCY 01803 214555 The ultra-competitive Louden family from Glasgow who played on the 18-hole putting green at Cary Park Tennis Club every fine day of their two-week holiday. Julie Louden, front right, broke the course record on the last day of their holiday when she carded a 38, with two threes and 16 twos. Photo by Paul Levie

‘They wouldn’t let me get away with anything, so I can say with my hand on my heart that the 38 was a genuine score.

‘It’s not the easiest of courses – it’s full of bumps and hollows, not to mention the odd weed.

‘And it plays differently every day, depending on if it’s been mowed’.

It’s not the first year that Julie and her family have been down to Torquay – or the first year they have played the course.

‘We do lots of things and go on lots of trips, but we always start the day with a round of putting. It’s great fun and super value’.

30th July 2017


Cary Park Tennis Club have scored a remarkable hat-trick in the South Devon Summer Tennis League, winning all three divisions in which they entered teams

The men’s team won Men’s Division Two with five wins and one defeat, the mixed A team won Mixed Division Two with seven wins and three defeats, and the mixed B team won Mixed Division Three with eight wins and two defeats.

It is the first time that the club has entered three teams and competition for places was fierce.

Cary Park’s club captain Chris Clarke said: “It’s been an amazing achievement for all three of our teams to have ended up as champions this season.

“A total of 28 different members – three of them juniors – played in the three league teams’ success which, I think, is excellent for a club the size of ours. It represents almost a third of our total membership.

TORBAY NEWS AGENCY 01803 214555 Some of Cary Park's league squad players who took three league titles in the South Devon Summer League this season. They are, from left to right: Rob Short (coach), Dominic Bryant, Mike Coleman, Aleya Al Holo, Rory Kennedy, Sam Garner, Chris Clarke, Nicki Scaife, Paul Lomas, Gina Dockree and Suzy Eeckelaers. Photo by Paul Levie.

Some of Cary Park’s league squad players who took three league titles in the South Devon Summer League this season. They are, from left to right: Rob Short (coach), Dominic Bryant, Mike Coleman, Aleya Al Holo, Rory Kennedy, Sam Garner, Chris Clarke, Nicki Scaife, Paul Lomas, Gina Dockree and Suzy Eeckelaers.

“I think it shows how so many of our players have improved over the last year or so since the club’s reorganisation and bringing in the likes of Rob Short, Gary Payton and Karen Clark as club coaches.

“Next season we’ll have men’s and mixed teams in the South Devon Summer Tennis League’s top divisions, so we’re all going to have to up our games that little bit more.”

Men’s team captain Kevin Mowbray said: “It has been a pleasure and a privilege to be captain of the men’s team this season and I am thrilled that we have won the men’s league division two.

“Everyone that played gave 100 per cent and to lose only one match, away at Kingsbridge who played their A team against us that night, is very impressive. It is a testament to how far we have come as a club in having such a good cadre of players to draw from now.

Chris Clarke, who was also the mixed A team skipper, said: “Our division was really evenly matched this season with only five points separating the top five teams come the end.

“We went into the final match at Ivybridge knowing that a draw would be enough for us, so to come away with a 6-2 win was a bonus.

“The really pleasing statistic from an all-inclusive club point of view is that 18 different players helped us reach our final points total of 47 winning sets.”

Mixed B team captain Sam Garner said: “I’m so proud of all of them. This team was specifically entered so we could bring the juniors through to league tennis. But we couldn’t have imagined the amazing success they achieved in their first season.”
She added: “We’re not getting carried away because we realise this was Division Three. But it stands us in great stead for the harder task of Division Two tennis.
“The even more amazing thing is that we would have been playing against our own A team next season if they hadn’t won the Division Two title to gain promotion to Division One.”
Sam said: ‘You only have to look at our junior coaching sessions on Saturday mornings to realise that we have several youngsters who can shine at this level.
‘None of them play a lot of doubles matches, so this is a learning curve. But you could just see the improvement in their court craft, volleying and understanding of the game as the season went on’.

25th July 2017


Cary Park’s title-winning Mixed B team won their last match of the season 8-0 against Kingsbridge Park tonight – with no fewer than three juniors in the team!

TORBAY NEWS AGENCY 01803 214555 Rosanna Castillo-Palmer, Aleya Al Holo and Zac Zaher before their match against Kingsbridge Park. Photo by Paul Levie.

Aleya Al Holo, 15, Rosanna Castillo-Palmer, 14, and Zak Zayer, 16, put on a superb show that was a credit to both the club and to head coach Rob Short.
The B team lost only twice in a season that saw them achieve eight wins and a points difference of 62 – 18. A total of 14 players were used.
Aleya played in nine of the 11 matches  played this season which included one cup game. Rosanna played in seven, and Zac came in for the final match of the season.
Team captain Sam Garner said: ‘I’m so proud of all of them. This team was specifically entered so we could bring the juniors through to league tennis. But we couldn’t have imagined the amazing success they achieved in their first season.’
She added: ‘We’re not getting carried away because we realise this was Division Three. But it stands us in great stead for the harder task of Division Two tennis.
‘The even more amazing thing is that we would have been playing against our own A team if they hadn’t won the Division Two title to gain promotion to Division One.’
Team after team have paid tribute to the talents of Aleya and Rosanna throughout the season.
Sam said: ‘You only have to look at our junior coaching sessions of Saturday mornings to realise that we have several youngsters who can shine at this level.
‘None of them play a lot of doubles matches, so this is a learning curve. But you could just see the improvement in their court craft, volleying and understanding of the game as the season went on’.
She added: ‘When you realise that our Men’s team also won their division it says a great deal for the future of Cary Park Tennis Club. Our mixture of real depth in our seniors and rapidly improving juniors can only bode well for the future’.
For the record, Dom Bryant was the sole senior in tonight’s 8-0 win.

24th July 2017


Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 14.56.38


 All those members who voted for us at Tesco have won us….. £3000.

We came FIRST in the in-store voting, so every little plastic disc you put in our slot was vital.  Well done you!
The cash will be used to buy an outdoor table tennis table, similar to the one pictured, for use by all members, and for hire to the public.


You all played a blinder and we’d like to give you THREE THOUSAND THANKS from your Committee.

17th July 2017

Let there be light!

Visitors to our club will be welcomed by a much improved view of our lovely putting green thanks to tree work completed recently.



15th July 2017



Head Coach Rob Short designed his own version of BBC Breakfast’s Game, Set, Mug Challenge to mark the end of Wimbledon.

Like millions of others Rob had watched the world’s top stars see how many tennis balls they could get into a giant mug in 60 seconds.

‘We didn’t have a mug….but we had a super-size waste bin and that served just as well’, said Rob.

Rob set the challenge for his 10 o’clock, 11 o’clock and 12 o’clock groups on Saturday – and the youngsters loved it.

‘Let’s just say there were some that were better than others. But everyone enjoyed it and didn’t take it too seriously.’


10th July 2017

Cary Park Tennis Club were pleased to welcome students from Torquay International School who spent an afternoon with us playing tennis and putting on our 18-hole putting green.


Booking administrator Bill Williams who arranged the visit, said:  ‘As a club with its roots firmly in junior tennis, it is great to welcome youngsters from other parts of Europe to play on our courts.  They all had a great time and were very complimentary about the Club.’



Usually it is beauty queens and soap stars who are asked to open supermarkets.
But the Co-op paid Cary Park Tennis Club a huge compliment when it invited two of our most talented juniors to open their newly-refurbished St Marychurch store.
Aleya Al-Holo and Rosanna Castillo-Palmer officially cut the ribbon and declared the store open in front of a crowd which included several club members.
Cary Park is one of three local organisations to benefit from the Co-Op’s ‘Good Causes’ scheme, earning a penny for every pound spent on Co-op goods by registered customers. At the same time those customers receive 5p themselves *(scroll down to our news item of 24th June to register so that Cary Park Tennis Club can benefit!)
Store manager Steve Burnett said: ‘We have given millions of pounds to clubs and organisations around the country with the ‘5+1’ scheme. It’s very popular because everyone’s a winner.’
The ribbon was stretched between two tennis racquets held by Club Secretary Paula Hill and Chairman Nick Sealey. Other members and even club mascot Meg turned up to support the girls.
Paula said: ‘Aleya and Rosanna have recently broken into the adult side playing in the South Devon League – and helped them to top place in their division.
‘Torquay Girls Grammar School were very kind in letting the girls have an hour off to do the opening’.
Nick said: ‘What started off as a simple application for help in buying a new ball machine has led to a brilliant relationship between us and the Co-op.
‘And if everyone gets behind the ‘Good Causes’ scheme between now and October, we will be in for a sizeable windfall’.

16th June 2017



Treasurer Di Sealey got a lovely surprise when she turned up to the official opening of the Co-op’s newly refurbished St Marychurch store by club juniors Aleya and Rosanna.
Contractors Uplands Retail – who aren’t even based in Torquay – handed over a cheque for a whopping £500 as a special gift to the club.
Lloyd Johnson, site manager for the Bristol-based firm, who has overseen the project from start to finish, said: ‘When the Co-op team told us what a great little club you are, we thought we’d chip in with a little gift of our own’.
Di said: ‘It came as a complete surprise, but what a lovely and generous gesture.’

16th June 2017



Co-op area manager Neil Forbes paid tribute to Cary Park during a visit to the club.
Neil, a talented tennis player himself, attended the official re-opening of the St Marychurch store after a major refurbishment.
The ceremony was carried out by Cary Park juniors Aleya Al-Holo and Rosanna Castillo-Palmer after the Co-op became one of our major sponsors.
After being shown around the club’s facilities, he said: ‘You’ve got a great little set-up here.
‘We give millions of pounds away to organisations all over the country, but many of them we never hear from again.
‘Cary Park not only helped with our opening and invited us for a look round, but they have promised to keep us in touch every inch of the way with how they spend the cash’.14th June 2017

15th June 2017

Ellacombe School – the latest school to enjoy free tennis tuition at Cary Park.


14th June 2017

Yet another school to benefit from from free tennis at Cary Park, sponsored by the Devon Community Foundation


Children from Watcombe School showing off their ball skills at Cary Park

11th June 2017


Cary Park Tennis Club held their first ever Grandparents Day this week – and it was a rip-roaring success from start to finish.
The idea was simple: Bring a grandparent or a grandchild and you can play with them for free.
And boy did the two generations take us up on it. It was due to run from 12 noon until 4pm. But the first participants started to show up at 11.15, and there were still people playing at 4.30.

Chairman Nick Sealey said: ‘It was wonderful to see all three generations playing together.
‘People drifted off at about 2pm and we thought ‘Oh well, that’s it’.
‘But by 2.15 the courts were packed again with stacks more families.  I can only imagine we got the pre-lunch crowd working up an appetite and the after-lunch crowd working off their Sunday roast’
The event was sponsored by the Big Lottery ‘Celebrate’ Fund, who provided T-shirts, gifts and goody bags for the kids.
The club provided racquets and balls and free refreshments all afternoon

Treasurer Di Sealey said: ‘We’re very grateful to the National Lottery for making it all possible.‘And to all the Grandmas and Grandads who had a brilliant time with their grandchildren’.




One of the visitors for Grandparents Day was Jacqui Hackney who came with five year old grandson Mason (pictured together with granddad John)
Jacqui has worked as a seamstress at Queen’s Tennis Club in London for over 20 years.
She said: ‘Much of my work is altering uniforms for ball boys and line judges, but I have also done running repairs and alterations for most of the top players such as Andy Murray, Roger Federer, Tim Henman and Greg Rusedski.
‘Obviously you never know what size and shape the line judges and ball boys will be from event to event, so it’s my job to make them all look smart.
‘One of the strangest jobs I had to tackle was when a rather large line judge turned up for one tournament and we had nothing to fit him.
‘There was nothing else for it, I had to take apart two pairs of shorts, re-cut them and turn them into one large pair!’
Jacqui and John said it was wonderful what CPTC had done with the old courts at Cary Park.

26th May 2017


Children from Homelands school are the latest to benefit from free court and coaching time at Cary Park Tennis Club thanks to a grant from the Devon Community Foundation.

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 17.30.06

24th May 2017



We were pleased to welcome back the Chairman of the South Devon Summer Tennis League, Chris Robillard, who started his tennis career at the Cary Park courts in 1961.
The 11 year old Chris played for the 11th Torbay Sea Scouts and is still playing league tennis for Stover.
He played in the Division Two match against a strong Cary Park team which consisted of Kevin Mowbray, Gina Dockree, Mike Laukannen and Nicki Scaife which Cary Park won 6-2.

20th May 2017



Snooker star Ray Reardon was right on cue to draw the winning tickets in Cary Park’s ‘Mower Raffle’.
The six times world champion stopped and chatted to members for nearly an hour in the sunshine and even stayed for tea and biscuits.
Winner of the first prize was Joe While who scooped £100 in cash to cover the cost of his membership for a year.
Second prize of a bottle of bubbly went to Pam Sibley, while our Hon Sec Paula Hill won the third prize of a night out to see the Tony-nominated musical Wonderland at the Princess Theatre.
Sadly she and partner Mike Coleman will have Paul along as gooseberry for the evening. Or should that be chaperone?
Fourth prize of two tickets to one of the Babbacombe Theatre shows went to Neil Spacagna.
In all the raffle raised almost £200 towards a new mower for the putting green.

29th April 2017



Cary Park Tennis Club has bagged a massive cash boost from the Tesco Bags of Help initiative.
Tesco teamed up with Groundwork to launch its community funding scheme, which sees grants of £4,000, £2,000 and £1,000 – all raised from the 5p plastic bag levy – being awarded to local community projects.
Three groups in every Tesco region have been shortlisted to receive the cash award and shoppers are being invited to head along to Tesco stores to vote for who they think should take away the top grant.
Cary Park is one of three local groups to win an award. Now it is up to members, their friends and families, and all Tesco shoppers, to make sure we win the most votes and get the largest payout.
Club Chairman Nick Sealey said: ‘We have applied for the cash to install an outdoor table tennis table at our courts.
‘This will have a threefold benefit for the club and the local community.
‘Firstly juniors will be able to warm up, and improve their ball skills and hand-eye co-ordination while they’re waiting for tennis coaching sessions to begin.
‘Secondly adult members will be able keep playing even when a niggling injury keeps them off the courts.
‘And lastly we will let the public play on the table for a small charge. It will bring in much-needed income alongside our current tennis courts and 18-hole putting green.
‘It will also give parents and siblings something to do while youngsters are playing on court.’


Voting is open in stores throughout May and June. Customers will cast their vote using a token given to them at the check-out in store each time they shop.
Tesco’s Bags of Help project has already delivered over £28.5 million to more than 4,000 projects up and down the UK. Tesco customers get the chance to vote for three different groups every time they shop. Every other month, when votes are collected, three groups in each of Tesco’s regions will be awarded funding.
Lindsey Crompton, Head of Community at Tesco, said:
“Congratulations to Cary Park. We are absolutely delighted to open the voting for May and June. There are some fantastic projects on the shortlists and we can’t wait to see them come to life in hundreds of communities.”
Please see below a list of stores taking part in the voting on our project. We need to share this list of stores amongst our supporters and within our community. If every member tells every friend, and every friend tells every parent, and every parent tells every friend, we’ll get there in no time.


28th April 2017

FOR WEBSITE, FACEBOOK AND DCF Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 17.30.06
Cary Park Tennis Club was happy to welcome St Margaret’s Primary School to our lovely courts – the third local primary school to benefit from funding from the Devon Community Foundation grant to provide free courts, coaching, racquets and balls to seven schools in our area.
     Each school is benefiting from four free one-hour sessions and reduced membership.  Coach Keith Johnson who took the session said:  ‘They loved it and are already looking forward to their next session’.



Upton Primary became the second of the seven local schools to benefit from free coaching at Cary Park thanks to funding by the Devon Community Foundation.

Head Coach Rob Short said: ‘What’s been so good about this great initiative by Cary Park is that many of these kids had never picked up a racquet.
‘Everyone had a great time, and the schools are incredibly grateful to Cary Park for making their facilities available completely free of charge.’

22nd April 2017



Many happy returns to junior member George Bryant who celebrated his 7th birthday with a very special day at the club.

He and a dozen chums played tennis games with assistant coach Liam Murch, and a round of 18 holes of putting, before polishing off a birthday tea and cake on the club’s picnic tables.


Dad Dominic said:  ‘Everyone really enjoyed themselves.  Cary Park is a great place to hold a birthday party because there’’s plenty of room for the kids to run around, and it’s all really safe.

‘Thanks to everyone at the club for helping make this a really special birthday for George.’

22nd April 2017


BABBACOMBE SCHOOL 1 Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 17.30.06

Cary Park Tennis Club welcomed 24 pupils from All Saints Babbacombe Primary School to have free court time and coaching as the result of a generous grant from the Devon Community Foundation.
Babbacombe is the first of several local primary schools to benefit from this unique partnership between the club and the foundation.
Club secretary Paula Hill, who put the application together with vice chairman Samantha Garner, said:
‘We wanted to provide accessible tennis to schools who may have a limited budget and to use this grant to encourage local schools to utilise our fantastic club facilities.
‘Our head coach Rob Short approached local primary schools and we soon realised that there is limited money to invest in health and fitness within this area.
‘Our aim is to use this grant to encourage children who would otherwise not be able to access this and encourage community spirit as well as a healthy lifestyle.’
Samantha said: The schools will be accessing our courts  with free use of balls and racquets as well as two fully qualified tennis coaches.
‘There are seven local primary schools and we have offered them all four one-hour-a-week court time and subsidised club membership in order to encourage them to play outside of school time. This also includes a parent who can play for free with them.
‘It is just the latest way that Cary Park Tennis Club is getting involved with the local community to promote fun and health’.

27th March 2017

Work starts on our new spectator area.  Putting in the spade work for the foundations is Winston Barlow, one of our junior section ‘dads’.  Winston has very kindly volunteered to do all the hard work of digging out, concreting and slab laying.  The club only has to pay for the materials, leaving more of our Aviva grant for seating and picnic tables.This new area, to be opened for the start of this season, will be a great place to watch the tennis on courts 4, 5 and 6.


19th March 2017



Cary Park Tennis Club was proud to welcome two of Torbay’s most important citizens to officially unveil our super new outdoor notice board.
MP Kevin Foster and Mayor Gordon Oliver jointly whisked away the Union Flag and paid tribute to the efforts of one of our members, Mike Coleman, who handmade the eye-catching board.
And neither men rushed off after the ceremony – they stayed and chatted to members for almost an hour, showing great interest in the club and its development.

Chairman Nick Sealey made a brief speech praising the part played by Mike, but also thanking Rachel Ives and Pat Bishop from the Babbacombe and St Marychurch Community Partnership who funded the project.
He said: ‘We asked for £350 which we estimated would be half the cost of an off-the-shelf notice board. And within days they came up with the cash.’
‘Mike offered to design and build a special “Cary Park” display board and went way over budget but would not accept a penny more than the £350.’
Nick also thanked Winston Barlow, the father of one of our talented juniors Emily, who dug the foundations and erected the notice board.
MP, Mr Foster said: ‘“I was delighted to join the Mayor and the members of Cary Park Tennis Club for this unveiling. The club is doing great work to inspire all ages to take up tennis with the benefit not just being regular exercise, but fun and new friendships as well. The new noticeboard symbolises the club’s goal to reach out beyond its membership to bring tennis into the community.”’
Mayor,Mr Oliver, who has attended several events during his Mayoralty, said: ‘.I was delighted to support the tennis club, their officers and committee in their promotion of the sport to young people in Babbacombe,  St Marychurch and beyond. The involvement of the schools, parents and family members has enabled the club to sustain it’s activities, grow and flourish. My congratulations to them”
Club Secretary Paula Hill said: ‘We really needed an outdoor notice board because the one on the clubhouse could only be read when the courts are open to the public. It’s already paying dividends. We have seen several people taking photos on their phones of the posters, and loads of people stop and look’.
Nick Sealey said: ‘We’re grateful to Mike and Winston in so many ways. Mike has made metal benches for our courts, repaired fencing and made smart new court numbers. And Winston has volunteered his services to build our new viewing area by courts four, five and six.
‘Cary Park is so lucky to have so many members willing to give up their time for the good of the members.’

13th February 2017



Pro:Direct Sport is one of the biggest online sports retailers in the world. Denis Green is a shy, hugely-popular 76 year old who belies his years by playing regular league tennis for his beloved Cary Park Tennis Club.

On paper they have little in common. But a chance remark at a family get together has led to a remarkable human gesture from a giant global company.
Martin Lake, Director of Pro:Direct Sport and a very talented tennis player himself is Torquay born and bred.
And at a family luncheon in Babbacombe recently he was told how inspirational Denis is to both the young and old who play at Cary Park.
He immediately contacted his company’s Digital Production Manager Pete Forbes and asked him to sort out something to mark Denis’s contribution to grass roots tennis.
Within days a package arrived at Denis’s home and inside he found a pair of adidas Barricades tennis shoes and half a dozen tubes of tennis balls – courtesy of Pro:Direct.
With it was a touching letter explaining the gift and telling Denis that they were identical shoes to those worn by the great Rod Laver at the Australian Open a few days earlier.
‘What a wonderful gesture’, said Denis, who came from the same Torquay housing estate as former British number one Mike Sangster and also went to Torquay Boys Grammar School with him.
‘The gift came as a complete surprise. They’re a fantastic pair of shoes; really comfortable. Let’s hope they make me play like Rod Laver!’
Pete Forbes said in his letter: ‘Martin Lake spoke to me this morning regarding your tennis history and enthusiasm for the sport in your later years. This is an inspiration to us all at Pro:Direct and many of us hope that we too will be dominating the courts at your age.’
FOOTNOTE: Rod Laver is just two years older than Denis.

13th February 2017



Cary Park has a new outdoor notice board – thanks to the artistic efforts and generosity of one of our members, along with a grant from a local community group.
Mike Coleman stepped forward with an offer to hand-make the notice board after the Babbacombe and St Marychurch Community Partnership came up with a £350 grant.
The Club’s plan was to match-fund the venture with another £350 to bring it closer to the price of a standard off-the-shelf notice board.
‘But Mike wouldn’t hear of it’, said acting chairman and chairman-elect Nick Sealey. ‘Despite the fact that a bespoke piece like that would have cost five times what we paid, Mike chipped in the rest himself.’
Mike, who is a partner in Reliant Metal Forming of Newton Abbot, said: ‘It was a labour of love really, and something I and the lads at the factory really enjoyed doing.
‘It’s powder-coated so it will never need painting, and the tennis rackets on top are laser cut’.
Nick said: ‘It’s a real work of art – a sculpture in itself. Wimbledon themselves would be proud to have it on show.
‘We’re very lucky that Mike is so talented and generous. He has already donated metal bench seating on the courts and is forever saving us money around the site’.
Reliant Metal Forming was formed in the year 2000 and is best-known locally for all the glass, steelwork and aluminium capping on the new luxury development Abbey Sands, which incorporates apartments and restaurants on Torquay seafront.
Watch this space for details of the official unveiling of the notice board when the Club can thank Mike, the Community Partnership and all the other civic leaders who have helped Cary Park develop over the past year.


Many thanks also to one of our parents, builder Winston Barlow of G Barlow Ltd, who generously dug the foundations for the new notice board without accepting any payment.

Winston is Emily and Sophie’s dad. The sisters are enthusiastic Cary Park  club members.

27th January 2017



Cary Park saw a remarkable ‘reunion’ last week when member Guy Hester played his first match against Head Coach Rob Short.
For the two men last saw each other five decades ago when they were in the same kindergarten class.
‘I vaguely remembered him and asked him if he was at Croft Lodge kindergarten’, said Guy.
‘He was amazed when I reminded him that we were school chums’.
Sports-wise, the two pals took totally different paths, with Rob starting tennis at the age of ten, and Guy taking up sailing.
But as men they both reached a high level in their chosen sports, with Rob coaching at both Cary Park and Torquay Boys Grammar School, and Guy as Head Instructor at Babbacombe Corinthian Sailing Club.
Guy, who was vice commodore at the Babbacombe club last year, only took up tennis seriously five years ago.
‘Although I do remember playing a bit at Cary Park when it was the old council courts’, he said.
‘Hopefully I’ll learn a lot from Rob on the courts – and he’ll be welcome at the sailing club any time.’

Guy Hester, back third from left and Rob Short, back third from right.

Can you spot the pair as five year olds? Hint: They’re both in the back row.  Click HERE to see who’s who

18th January 2017

FITC - Play Tennis - Tennis in the Bay A5 copy 2

Cary Park Tennis/Torquay United/LTA collaboration is a hit!


Momentum is building as more and more youngsters are taking advantage of the special training scheme offered at Cary Park Tennis Club as a result of this Torquay United/LTA initiative.

15th January 2017

Cary Park v Dawlish LTC Tournament


Congratulations to our junior team who put up a fantastic show against a more experienced Dawlish team on Saturday.  Although we lost 11 sets to six in the doubles and singles format, the matches were a lot closer than the scores suggest.  A great effort and Rob and the players have every reason to be proud.

14th January 2017

Cheers, not chairs, for our new viewing area


Cary Park Tennis Club has won £!,000 from the Aviva Community Fund, following a fantastic effort by members in an on-line vote for our project to create a new viewing area in front of courts four, five and six.

We beat off stiff competition from clubs and community groups all over Devon to become one of the winners.

It means that no longer will parents have to lug plastic chairs to watch the club’s 150 juniors being taught by Head Coach Rob Short and his fantastic team.

Chairman Pat Ward said in the club’s application: ‘Junior coaching is a major part of our philosophy and with increased numbers has come, inevitably, an increased number of parents, grand-parents and siblings who come to watch the coaching in progress.

‘Our existing viewing and seating area only allows a view of three of our six courts. This used to be sufficient but no longer is’.

A spokesman for Aviva said: ‘Our Fund was set up to help clubs and community groups like Cary Park all over the country. We are delighted to be associated with the amazing work done by its band of volunteers’.

16th November 2016

20160913_173656_resized TORBAY NEWS AGENCY 01803 214555 Cary Park membership secretary Paul Levie shows off a huge pile of leaves collected up by a team of volunteers using a vacuum machine bought in part with a cash award from the Skipton Building Society. Photo by Peter Kennett (by line please)


Congratulations to all those members who voted for the Club in the Skipton Building Society’s ‘Grassroots Giving’ campaign.
It certainly did the trick because instead of the £250 we applied for, they gave us a whopping £500!
The original application was for the last £250 towards the Billy Goat Appeal, but now we’ll be able to use the extra cash for other things – maybe even a hutch for Billy!
Cary Park were shortlisted for the Grassroots Giving award several months ago, but a voting campaign by members along with their families and friends helped the club become one of only a few organisations in the south west to receive the grant.
Club captain Chris Clarke said: ‘We’ve entered a winter league for the first time this year and so it essential that the courts are kept clear for visiting clubs.’

6th November 2016


TORBAY NEW AGENCY 01803 214555 Cary Park Junior squad's first 'international' match took place at the weekend, playing a team from the EF language school made up of representatives from Denmark, Germany, Spain, Vietnam, Mexico and China. Photo by Paul Levie

Congratulations to Cary Park’s junior team who won the club’s first ever ‘international’ tournament against a team from the EF Language School.

The team of four boys and two girls won by an impressive 11-1 in a series of singles and doubles matches.

They took on a team made up of players from Denmark, Germany, Spain, Vietnam, Mexico and China.

Pictured with Head Coach Rob Short they are, back,  from left to right: Jack Hill, Zac Zayer, Holly Fisher, and Ellie McBain.  And front:  Andrew Connor,  and Thomas Easter.

The EF squad are pictured with Cary Park’s adult performance coach Gary Payton, who is also head tennis coach at EF.

Rob said afterwards:  ‘It was very successful and closer than the score suggested.  Our players were generally more experienced, I think.’

Gary said:  ‘Everyone from both sides enjoyed it and I’m sure we can do it again sometime.’

Refreshments were laid on by Bill Williams and Sam Garner.

26th September 2016

All six courts back in operation after courts 1 and 2 are upgraded with new all-weather playing surface.

paint-job cary-park-8

 cary-park-14  Enjoy!

11th September 2016

Club tournament finals day.

myles001  kieran-2  rosanna002  sam009  kevin008  kieran013

Two of the three singles finals played today went to championship tiebreaks!  Click here to see the results and all the pics!

10th September 2016

The new Cary Park junior tennis programme gets off to a flying start!


Click here to find out more and for more pictures!

6th September 2016

Two of our courts are getting a makeover!

The darker evenings are coming soon and our floodlit courts are getting a new, safer surface.  Courts 1 and 2 are being prepared for repainting with special non slip paint.  This will mean that, even on damp evenings, our floodlit courts will be safe and available to our members.




26th August 2016


Cary Park Tennis Club have won a grant from the National Lottery to fund their first ever Grandparents Day.

The cash comes from the Big Lottery Fund’s ‘Celebrate’ scheme and will go towards a unique event to span the generations.

The Club’s vice-chairman Nick Sealey said:  ‘Our junior club has members as young as five and our adult section has two 80 year olds.

‘So we came up with this idea to recognise the fact that tennis can be played by all ages, and celebrate the part played by each generation on the other.’

The event will take place towards the start of next season – probably in May – and will involve members and non-members alike.

Club secretary Paula Hill said:  ‘We will be encouraging our young members to bring along their grandparents for a game of tennis, and for our older members to bring their grandchildren.

‘But we will also be opening up our lovely courts to anyone who can bring along a grandchild or grandparent.’

Treasurer Pete Lewis said:  ‘The money will go towards the hire of courts, racquets and balls, free refreshments and maybe a little coaching.

‘Although the emphasis will be on having fun – not producing the next Andy Murray’.

He added:  ‘The Lottery have been very generous.  We have wanted to do this for a couple of years and this will help turn it into a bigger and better occasion’.

Membership secretary Paul Levie said:  ‘We already let our junior members play with a parent or grandparent free of charge.  But this is a way of bringing everyone together on the same day and having a social event.

‘Grandparents have always played a great part in giving youngsters a love of tennis and maybe we can make this an annual event.’

TORBAY NEWS AGENCY 01803 214555 Cary Park Tennis Club stalwarts Sue and Hedley Clark after a game with granddaughter Suzi Doyle. They will be taking part in the new Grandparents Day next year - funded by a National Lottery 'Celebration' grant. Photo by Paul Levie.

Cary Park Tennis Club stalwarts Sue and Hedley Clark after a game with granddaughter Suzi Doyle. They will be taking part in the new Grandparents Day next year – funded by a National Lottery ‘Celebration’ grant.

26th August 2016


We have our first ladies tournament winners – Suzy Eekelaers and Sheila Barrington in the ladies doubles.

Suzy and Sheila beat Jacky Kennett and Paula Murphy 6-2 6-1 in a hastily-arranged match.

‘Sadly I will be away on holiday on Finals Day’, said Sheila.  ‘So we were always going to have to play on a different day.

‘Then quite by chance we all turned up to play other games on a Wednesday and we thought ‘Why not?’

Suzy said:  ‘The match was a lot closer than the score suggests.  There were a lot of deuces’.

Office receptionist Letitia Lane presented the prizes and the 17 year old music student even sang a rendition of ‘Congratulations’ to the finalists.

Jacky said:  ‘In the end I think that experience told.  But it was a great match on a lovely sunny day and we’re very proud to have reached the final’.

TORBAY NEWS AGENCY 01803 214555 Cary Park Tennis Club's office manager Letitia Lane (centre) presents the trophies for the Ladies Doubles tournament won by Suzy Eekelaers and Sheila Barrington. Pictured with her from left to right are: Jacky Kennett, Suzy, Sheila and the other runner-up Paula Murphy. Photo by Paul Levie.

Cary Park Tennis Club’s office manager Letitia Lane (centre) presents the trophies for the Ladies Doubles tournament won by Suzy Eekelaers and Sheila Barrington. Pictured with her from left to right are: Jacky Kennett, Suzy, Sheila and the other runner-up Paula Murphy.


25th August 2016

Holiday tennis is over for this year – the best year ever!  The club thanks Karen and her staff for giving the youngsters a great time.  Hedley and Sue Clark receive ‘a little something’ from a grateful club for their valuable assistance in our holiday tennis camps.




5th August 2016


Tony and Peter join the 80 club

If you’re good enough, you’re young enough!  That’s the motto of Cary Park Tennis Club’s oldest members.
Tony Ward, left, turned 80 in April, and Peter King celebrates his milestone this weekend – proving that tennis really is the sport for a whole lifetime.
Tony didn’t start playing  until he was 44, first at Oldway and then, 15 years ago,  at Cary Park with Marine Tennis Club.
Although Peter ‘bashed a ball about’ on the common when he was 16, he didn’t start playing seriously until joining Cary Park five years ago.
Club vice-chairman Nick Sealey said:  ‘Both of them are among our ablest and most popular players.
Tony makes up in guile what he has lost in speed while Peter still runs around like a 16 year old’