RULES FOR PLAYING: Members must close all gates behind them.  Do not enter courts until your court is free. Hands must be sanitised before play – please use the hand sanitiser’s attached to court fence. All members must use their own playing equipment. Keep at least 2m distance at all times. Do not make physical contact with other players (such as shaking hands or high five). Please stay on your court and try to avoid changing ends, or agree to change ends at opposite sides of the net. The committee would very strongly advise that members bring their own balls to serve and highlight them with their initials. When organising doubles, please clarify beforehand your preference and arrange accordingly. Do not pick up balls that aren’t yours – use your racket or feet to return balls (including your partners). Do not arrive or leave together/stand around in groups for too long, even at a 2 metre distance. Remember to sanitise your hands when finished. Try to leave 5 minutes early to avoid contact with the next pairing/family. Please remember to lock the side gate if you are the last one on the courts…

TOILET FACILITIES: Because of the hygiene risk, can you please only access the toilet if absolutely necessary. We have installed a key safe to ensure the toilet remains locked and reduce the associated hazards.

CLUBHOUSE: The clubhouse will remain closed at all times. Please make sure you bring your own drinks and any first aid items that you may need.

Stay safe, be alert, follow the rules and enjoy your tennis!!

For the latest advice from the LTA   CLICK HERE



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Reported in the Mail on 2nd Feb 2020:-

“Don’t bother with running or cycling – tennis is the sport that best protects against age-related health problems, according to a new study. Under three hours of tennis every week linked to stronger muscles and bones in 43 adults aged up to 65 – protecting them from common conditions such as osteoparosis and osteoarthritis in later life. A control group of 47 in the study at Liverpool Hope University, who took part in exersises such as running and cycling, did not see the same benefits. Poor musculoskeletal function increases the risk of developing muscle and bone-wasting conditions, which accounts for a third of all British GP appointments.”


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“Tennis can prolong life” say researchers – read more 11954241201556281584tomas_arad_heart.svg.hi

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