Cary Park Singles Box League

Operated by coach, Gary Payton (click here to visit Gary’s website)

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Gary says :-

“Mike still the man to beat as Box Leagues move into Round 4”
Many congratulations go to table topping Mike Laukkanen who kept his 100% record intact following his latest 3 straight wins in Division 1 of the Cary Park Box Leagues, meaning Mike has won every match he has played in the competition since May! A fantastic record, I’m sure you’ll agree! Paul Lomas (our current Men’s Singles Club champion) finished 2nd in Division 1 behind Mike this time round and will be hoping to go one better in Round 4 I’m sure, meaning Colin Briggs and Will Pike were relegated to Division 2 from where they will both hope to bounce straight back from. Particularly unfortunate for Colin as during Round 3 he came extremely close to upsetting the as yet invincible Mike in their head to head match.
Meanwhile, moving on up again are Dom Bryant who won all of his 3 matches in Division 2 in straight sets and Joe While, both of whom will be looking to cement their places in Division 1 in Round 4. Hoping to have a real crack at promotion from Division 2 in Round 4 will be Tom Evans, who has come on leaps and bounds since the Box Leagues started, to the point where nobody will relish that particular clash this time round. Likewise, Gary Calland who continues his improvement apace and who is gaining in experience all the time.
Round 4 also sees 3 new players joining the fray, Juan Castillo Palmer, Matt Mahdavi and Dan Hough, so a big welcome to you all. They will all be hoping to put their stamp on the Leagues straight away and start their promotion push.
Good luck everyone!!
                                         Gary Payton 
 PLEASE NOTE, this time round it is 1 up/ 1 down promotion/relegation as we now have an additional division.
Deadline!! The play by deadline for Round 4 matches is 30th November 2017. I realise it will be a bit trickier arranging matches this time round due to light issues but hopefully you can squeeze them in in time. If there are any particular problems, please let me know so at least we are kept informed. As far as I am aware there are no problems with booking floodlit courts for singles play.
As well as awarding prizes/trophies at the end of the 6 round league block, I would also like to run a knock out tournament at that point with seeding wholly based on final league positions .The winner of this will also receive a trophy etc. I think this will be a good opportunity for any players who have been unable to work up through the leagues to have a go at the players in higher divisions.
Thanks everyone, good luck, enjoy your matches and LET BATTLE COMMENCE!!!!!
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updated 10.10.2017