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9th June 2018

New bins to keep our lovely grounds litter-free!


Cary Park took delivery of their new litter bins this week, and thanks to Mike Coleman we eventually worked out how to lift off the lids!


The Committee decided to spend a little extra to get something in keeping with our lovely site and the Cary Park conservation area.  We hope you like the result.

13th May 2018



Cary Park Tennis Club celebrated its busiest open day ever as part of the Great British Tennis Weekend.

Hundreds of children and dozens of families joined in the fun as they played tennis, putting and table tennis in the Sunday sunshine.

Guest of honour Kevin Foster MP attended with his wife Hazel who celebrated her birthday with a game of table tennis against Torbay Councillors Nicole Amil and Robert Excell.

TORBAY NEWS AGENCY 01803 214555 MP Kevin Foster and his wife Hazel take on Councillors Nicole Amil and Rob Excell on the new outdoor table tennis table at Cary Park Tennis Club during their open day on Sunday as part of the Great British Tennis Weekend. Photo by Paul Levie.

He said:  ‘It’s always such a pleasure to come to Cary Park and see all the children squealing with delight.

‘But today was extra special and a lovely way to celebrate Hazel’s birthday’.

Head coach Rob Short contributed towards the bumper turnout with his behind-the-scenes work in Torbay’s primary schools.

He said:  ‘It was great to see the kids and meet their parents, and to see them all playing together as families’.


Rob was assisted by some of his young trainee coaches – one of whom only qualified the day before.

Kevin Foster said:  ‘When I heard about Rob’s programme of training young coaches I was particularly impressed.  This is the real future of British tennis.’

An army of volunteers from the club – including wives, husbands and mums of committee members – kept the day flowing and handed out free refreshments including a mountain of home-made cakes.


Chairman Nick Sealey said:  ‘Without all the willing volunteers we could never put on events like this – and this one exceeded all expectations.  Well done to everyone’.

6th April 2018


Members finally got to play on the new outdoor table tennis table today.  Constant rain has meant that the grass has been waterlogged and slippery.  We may still have to wait for a few fine days before the ground gets hard enough to open it for general use but members voted it a great hit. Watch this space for more details.

24th March 2018



When Cary Park needed an industrial sized vacuum cleaner to clear their courts of leaves and debris – who better to turn to than the  Skipton Building Society’s Grassroots Giving campaign?
They gave us £500 towards the aptly named ‘Billy Goat’ machine and we’ve never looked back.
It clears the courts in minutes instead of back-breaking hours with a broom.
Now the Skipton have offered a further £500 for the best photo of the winners putting their grants to good use.
Our groundsman doesn’t get the machine out when there are youngsters on court – for obvious reasons. But they jumped at the chance to have a go at pushing it for the Grassroots Giving Picture Show.

24th March 2018

Easter Raffle


The club is thrilled to announce that our raffle for an Easter hamper raised more than £80.  The first prize went to Babbacombe businesswoman Lyn Williams, who owns a letting agency. Ironically Lyn had donated some of the contents of the hamper herself…..along with Junior Co-Ordinator Pat Ward, vice-chairman Sam Garner, Club Secretary Paula Hill and last year’s men’s captain Kevin Mowbray.


The draw was made by chairman Nick Sealey who said:  ‘It was a first class effort  by Pat and Sam who came up with the idea and did all the organising.  Once again it showed what a brilliant band of volunteers we have’.

The second prize was drawn by a junior member and won by another junior Jack Lawton.

21st March 2018

League news


Following our triple league success in 2017 :-

Cary Park Tennis Club is pleased to announce that we will be entering FOUR teams in the South Devon Summer Tennis League this year – one ladies, one mixed, and a men’s A team and B team.

This follows the league’s annual meeting in Ashburton when the negotiating skills of our Club Captain Chris Clarke and Ladies Captain Ali Cornwell persuaded the league to let the men’s B team to play on a Sunday with a default time of 12 noon.

Chris said:  ‘When we decided to enter a ladies team this year we did so by cutting out one of the mixed teams.  But by definition this meant that two fewer men were able to play league tennis.

‘We are in the fortunate position – more so than most clubs – of having a lot of men who want to play competitive league tennis.  But it was written into the League’s rules that matches had to be played midweek evenings.

‘With the pressure on our courts from social tennis, coaching, league tennis and box league matches – not to mention our commitment to allowing the public to play – it would have been impossible to accommodate a fourth league side.  By playing our men’s B team matches at the weekend, it relieves this pressure a bit.’

Chris explained that there are strict rules about who can play in A and B teams.

‘As I understand it we have to name four men who will play A team matches only.  Of the others only those who have played two or fewer A team matches can play for the B team.  Mixed and ladies players will be unaffected by this.’

Membership Secretary Paul Levie said:  ‘It’s going to be a very busy summer this year so persuading the league to change their rules for our benefit is a major coup.  Winning all three of the divisions we entered last year was fantastic.  But success means our teams move up a division so we will not be able to rest on our laurels.

‘In many clubs the same four or five people play ALL their league matches.  But Chris is very inclusive and registers every person in the club who wishes to play.  He also makes sure he does his best to give every one a game.

‘That’s what makes Cary Park the unique club it is.  And hopefully it will lead to lots of good things both on and off the courts’.

21st March 2018

Here at last!


The Eagle has landed…..well, Cary Park’s new table tennis table, anyway!

Like something from another planet, the 1.75 tonne monster was delivered and installed today in a precision operation lasting more than two hours.
First Cary Avenue had to be completely coned off to prevent cars from parking opposite the club’s driveway.
Then the chain-link fence by the clubhouse had to be removed – courtesy of Mike Coleman and Reliant Metals.
Then the giant JCB and the four-part concrete table were delivered on a 40 foot long articulated lorry from Glendinning’s quarry in Ashburton, where it was made.

With inches to spare either side, the JCB and driver gingerly hoisted in the two concrete ‘legs’ and table top, one at a time, where they were fixed into place. The finishing touch was the metal ‘net’.

The table and necessary groundworks were paid for by a £3,000 from the Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 14.56.38 ‘Bags of Help’ scheme, funded from the 5p charge on plastic bags.
Club Secretary Paula Hill said: ‘We’ve waited a long time for this day, and finally it has arrived – just in time for the AGM and Easter. Perfect timing!’
The table will be open to club members free of charge and non-members for a small fee – alongside the club’s six tennis courts and 18-hole putting course.

21st March 2018

Cary Park benefits from local resident’s votes

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 19.25.00


Cary Park Tennis Club was delighted to receive a cheque for £500 from the Torbay Green Points scheme.  Club secretary Paula Hill (right) is pictured receiving the cheque from Dottie Allen, Client Services Manager for Green Rewards.
The scheme was created to encourage recycling and Cary Park’s award came as a result of a vote for our club by Torbay residents.

10th March 2018 


Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 19.25.00

A huge thanks to Cary Park members, family and friends, whose recycling efforts have led to us winning a grant from the Torbay ‘Green Points’ scheme.
Last year we asked all of you to register for the scheme and record your recycling of paper, card, glass, cans etc. in aid of the Club.
Now we have received the news that we have been chosen to receive a grant of between £500 and £2,250 at an awards ceremony at Rowcroft on March 20.
Chairman Nick Sealey said: ‘It’s a great effort by everybody and you should all be very proud of yourselves.
We applied for the grant to convert our floodlights to LED, but this is proving to be a much bigger and costlier job than we thought.’
‘So now the committee must decide whether to wait until we have enough funds for the job or to spend this award on installing recycling bins around our grounds’

But the Green Points award is only one of TWO grants we have received in a bumper week.

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 19.29.47
Club Secretary Paula Hill said: ‘Just two days earlier we received word from the Torbay Community Grants Fund that they have awarded us £500 towards our new clubhouse.
‘I know that all our members are eager to get behind fund-raising events for the clubhouse extension and this will give us a great impetus to get on with them’.

20th January 2018



Cary Park is proud to announce that Cara Morton and Zak Zayer have passed their LTA Level One coaching certificates.
They are the latest in Head Coach Rob Short’s programme of bringing through young coaches into his training set-up.
Rob said: ‘With junior coaching now on four nights a week, plus Saturday mornings, plus our outreach programme into local schools, it’s vital to have new blood coming through in the coaching team.
‘But it’s more than that. Our junior members really respond to the younger coaches. And it also gives our more talented players something to aim for within the Cary Park family – rather than looking elsewhere’.
Zak started at Cary Park at the age of 10. Now 17 he regularly plays adult league tennis for the club. Cara, 16, started tennis at Teignmouth at the tender age of five and has represented Cary Park in matches against other clubs.

6th January 2018



Meet ‘Love’-ey the huggable bear who can be yours in time for Valentine’s Day.
The adorable Love-ey, which was donated by junior co-ordinator Pat Ward, will be raffled off to all members, young and old, and will make a perfect gift for your special loved one.
Tickets are already on sale at 50p each and the draw will take place on Saturday February 10 at 10am – just in time for you to gift wrap it and make someone very happy.
And to keep the ‘Ahhhh’ factor going, the draw will be made by our own lovable club mascot, Meg, with a little help from her owner Karoline.

You can buy tickets from the clubhouse at any time, or from any committee member.
This is a very important year for Cary Park Tennis Club and this will be the first fund-raiser towards our massive Clubhouse Appeal to extend and equip the clubhouse for the benefit of all.
So dig deep and help get the fund off to a great start.